The Jaipur Attaurli Gharana is associated with Ustad Alladiya Khan, a highly renouned artist and gets its name from two Indian towns - Jaipur and Attrauli.The striking feature of the Jaipur - Attrauli gharana is the use of melodic phrases with 'vakra' (wavering) complex patterns with a deep melodic form. The Jaipur Attrauli Gharana has many branches. The late Pandit Malikarjun Mansur was one of the most outstanding vocalists of this gharana. Geeta Javadekar, who hails from Dharwad has been brought up in the Mansur tradition. This site aims to give you a glimpse of this accomplished artist.
"It is unlikely that any country has inherited cultural traditions as rich as India's. What I see and hear when I look around continues to fascinate me. The learning never ends...."
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